Delivering Enterprise-Wide Systems of Record for Work Requires Trust

At FortressIQ, we’re committed to protecting the security, privacy, and availability of our solutions and systems so our customers can rest assured their data and information is protected. Trust is the foundation of scalability – for our customers, employees, partners, investors, and our greater community. We have added additional security and privacy layers so you can deliver trusted experiences to your enterprise workforce.

Privacy Enhanced Gateway (PEG)

Part of the FortressIQ platform is our Privacy Enhanced Gateway (PEG). PEG was developed to be the world’s first adaptive and learning computer vision-based firewall. PEG enables enterprises to confidently execute on their strategic business

initiatives by filtering their sensitive data in a secure and scalable manner. It works by redacting all private data that has been obtained on customer’s machines within their own network before being forwarded to the FortressIQ cloud for analysis. All agents connect to PEG before leaving the customer’s perimeter, removing PII and sensitive data in its entirety. Learn more about PEG.


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Security and Compliance

FortressIQ has completed the certifications for SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and HIPAA. For more information, please visit our Security Policy .